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Lake Basin Innovation & Investment Week at Kisumu

June 05, 2022

Lake Basin Innovation & Investment week at Kisumu collaboration with Golden gate cargo Ltd.

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05/06/2022 : Excellent

05/06/2022 : Good Initiative. Thanks.

Golden Gate Cargo Ltd donation to Nairobi Childrens Home

June 05, 2022

Its Indeed a trying times For Every one Due to impact of this pandemic sweeping across the globe. AT GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD we are committed to working with our fellow kenyans and the goverment to curb the spread of COVID 19 and have taken active steps in our organisation by putting safety mearsures before shipping your consignment. Our staff are well trained and well equipped to prevent the spread of conrovirus and to handle your packages with safest and cleanest standards. International ban has not affected our Cargo planes.

In these times like these, its the less fortunate and vunerable members of our society that are most impacted as they have no access to basic needs. In order to survive these hard times its imperative to surpport these members of our achieve these GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD is working with its partner scope market ltd have put together essential package as part of donation. GOLDEN GATE CARGO CARGO LTD will distribute to various homes and organisations that are in need at no cost.

We would like to call on our fellow corporate to volunteer and surpport the goverment in its effort to flatten the curve.

With our joint effort we will be able to celebrate our success and begin our next chapter in kenyan history.


June 05, 2022

China Trade Week, Kenya's largest and most premiere B2B trade Exhibition Was Succefully Held for the 5th Successive Year At KICCC Convention Centre.  Phase 1  Commenced From 5th To 7th June Covering Multiple Industries including Building & Construction Material, Lighting, Furniture & Interior And Phase 2 Corvering Technology, Agriculture, Textiles & Auto Parts.